Monday, 19 August 2013

DIY: Edible Heart Transplant for a Party

This post is about a cool thing I found for parties. I was shopping in Helsinki with a friend and I ended up to the Heureka Shop which is a little shop of this Finnish science museum and exhibition place Heureka. I bought a cast of a human heart, not moulded with a help f a real heart, I would imagine, but it is still quite realistic.

Think of all those theme parties I can host! Edgar Allan Poe's Tell-Tale Heart is on the list, but before that I am hosting a party in the end of this month and the theme is "Docs & Drug addicts" You know, like "Vicar & Tarts" but my party is about the practitioners and abusers of Medicine. I know that is not that gothic a theme, but I wanted to show my new heart-maker and later some other ideas, because one can use them in a more goth party if one chooses to.

In this picture I have tested the heart-maker with the help of juice and a freezer. I am very pleased with the way my icy heart turned out! The cast is not flat from the bottom, so it is a bit tricky to make it stay in a position to manufacture ice, or jelly for that matter.

I shall make a post about my other party tricks after I have hosted the actual party, but this was just a little peek about my plans and funny food I am going to make.