Friday, 7 February 2014

Home decor from Oslo, suitable for gothic taste

I was browsing through the internet and remembered a shop I saw in Oslo when I visited that tremendously pretty city during the summer. The shop is called Milla Boutique and they have all kinds of things from forks to art prints and steampunk-ish installations.

Unfortunately I could not afford all those pretty things I saw in the shop and I think the shop itself had much more objects that might interest a goth than what they have on the webpage.

Still, here are my favorites from their webpage, which seems to be only in Norwegian:

Link to the store
I want that so bad. Although there were other installations too, with electricity and rodents and stuff that I liked more.

Link to the sotre

Link to the store

I doubt they post products to other countries but if you visit Oslo, this is a really great store to visit. And no, I have not got any sponsor money from them. :) I just really like some of their products that hit my aesthetic spot.