About the blog

A photo of the cover of a novel by Ray BradburyAs the subheading of this blog indicates, this blog is about goth aesthetics and how I experience them in my everyday life. Sometimes I've found a creepy and geeky card game and sometimes I write about my macabre ideas for a theme party. Party plans often include some DIY.

The two largest categories of posts are Gothic Art in Spotlight and Creepy Reads Review. I also write about my travels and occasionally share odd details of the Finnish culture and customs.

None of my posts are sponsored. Unless otherwise stated, all opinions are mine.

Gothic Art in Spotlight

In these posts I feature art that I've seen and have found intriguing in a goth-y way. I go to art exhibitions and museums a lot. I've never studied art history but am very much fascinated by art. Often I feature works I've seen in an exhibition but my posts can as easily be about the whole œuvre of a certain artist.

Creepy Reads Review

These posts are about creepy and delightful books, novels, comics, etc., whatever it is that I've read and want to share about it. I try not to spoil the plot, so these reviews are mainly about the themes and structure of the story, and why I liked that particular product of culture, and why you too should check it out.