Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bizarre Roman statues

I was once visiting Rome and I happened to catch a photo or two of some quite amusing statues. They are funny for the modern human either because the sculptor was eccentric or because of erosion and pollution.

If one takes a closer look, it is quite clear this angel has lost a couple of fingers and is now making rather a rude gesture.

These poor creatures of the sea also appear to have wings. They look a bit frustrated being trapped in the water. The sculptor was clearly working with an exquisite imagination.

This statue was in Vatican. There is no doubt a man in agony, while some bugger is either tickling him or trying to take an alien object from the foot.

Here is a watery monster with a bad day. I found it quite cute.

I miss Rome. I have visited it twice (last time was 2009 November) and since childhood I have dreamed of moving there. I have even considered if I could have an exchange term in the Università di Roma, but it would not be much of a help for my studies.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Death by cigarettes

I found something beautiful the other day. This message on a tobacco product.

Those were from Stockholm, but in Turkey they also print little pictures of lung cancer and other things smoking can cause. Like impotence, but unfortunately I did not get my hands on that one. Still, here are three slogans as merry as "Smoking can cause a slow and painful death".

I guess there is no point claiming I don't smoke or that it is my companion who smokes all those cigarettes and this is just a cruel joke for him and other smokers. Including me, though I have smoked just one during the last two months and I dare say I am very proud of myself.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Photos of past escapades

Oh dear. It seems to be so tragically, that I have been possessed by an evil trickster spirit. The spirit pleades me to post some pictures, so here it is:

Last summer I was visiting Estonia's capital, Tallinn. Just a few minutes walk from the centrum is an old prison. It was abandoned some time after the World War II, occupied by hippies and many otehr things and finally turists and other weirdos can go and see it for a euro or two. This is what it looked like.

Needless to say, but I intend to go there again with a friend for some kick-ass photo shoot.

The start of an era

To be honest, I started this blog without any plans about the content. I just realized it would be much easier to follow all those other bloggers if I had my own. That way I would not have about twenty links in my favorites. Besides, wouldn't it be nice for those other people to have me as a follower, not as a stalker?

I consider myself to be a lady of sinister fashion, therefore I stalk (or follow, if we wish to be politically correct) blogs of fantastic and beautiful gothettes and other spooky people. This probably does not show from my blog, since I'm not writing this on the computer I have all my photos. I have no time nor energy to make this blog look good. Perhaps later.

I haven't really thought about this blog, but maybe I shall report about bizarre happenings in my life in a tasteful manner. For example I could tell the development story of my student associations pin up calender. I study literature in a university and our next years calender is POP! pin up. There is going to be 12 hot ladies from popular culture, with a creepy twist. For example a certain British curly-haired wizard-girl, holding a voodoo doll of a young Mr. Malfoy. Also some characters from Alice in Wonderland are going to have their own month. Or maybe I'll just post pics I've taken during my life.