Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The start of an era

To be honest, I started this blog without any plans about the content. I just realized it would be much easier to follow all those other bloggers if I had my own. That way I would not have about twenty links in my favorites. Besides, wouldn't it be nice for those other people to have me as a follower, not as a stalker?

I consider myself to be a lady of sinister fashion, therefore I stalk (or follow, if we wish to be politically correct) blogs of fantastic and beautiful gothettes and other spooky people. This probably does not show from my blog, since I'm not writing this on the computer I have all my photos. I have no time nor energy to make this blog look good. Perhaps later.

I haven't really thought about this blog, but maybe I shall report about bizarre happenings in my life in a tasteful manner. For example I could tell the development story of my student associations pin up calender. I study literature in a university and our next years calender is POP! pin up. There is going to be 12 hot ladies from popular culture, with a creepy twist. For example a certain British curly-haired wizard-girl, holding a voodoo doll of a young Mr. Malfoy. Also some characters from Alice in Wonderland are going to have their own month. Or maybe I'll just post pics I've taken during my life.

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