Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Books for goths with kids, or just for goths who enjoy picture books

After a small hiatus I am going to introduce two books of Stanislav Marijanovic. These are picture books for children, or people who generally enjoy picture books. They both introduce a cavalcade of monsters and House Monsters, who are lurking in the our world.

A Manual of House Monsters
The first book is A Manual of House Monsters. The story is, that the narrator has made a research about House Monsters, small monsters who could also be seen as little devils or fiends, who produce all inconvenient things in peoples lives, like runny noses, narcissistic behavior, or if somebody is being really impatient.

In this picture you can see on the left the monster who makes you feel impatient and on the right is the monster who makes you feeling like you do not want to share anything, whether it is candy or toys.

The second book is A Family Guide to House Monsters II, and it depicts some monster you could find in a ordinary household. I have the Finnish edition, so I have no idea what the names of the monsters are in English, but these monster try to affect peoples lives or make little tricks to make things inconvenient for human inhabitants of the household.

In this picture you can see the Sugar Sisters (Sokrusiskot) who have a sweet tooth and make you too crave for cakes and candy! Of course this book also gives tips how to handle all monsters and how one can even enjoy their company every now and then.

Sugar Sisters
In the picture below one can have a glimpse of a Stress Monster, who mainly attacks adults and from this book especially children can find useful advice, how to make the adults notice, that too much stress is not good!

Stress Monster
I myself had these books as a kid, but I do enjoy them still. Actually I have found new things in them every time I read the books! The pictures of the books are extremely cute and one could see these imaginative characters as art, in the same way other novels are art.


  1. I love spooky kids books! I had lots about witches and monsters and vampires and ghosts as kids! They were all kind of jokey, not that scary and very fun! I am happy to see spooky kids books around!

    1. I love them too. Especially this House Monsters, they are rather cute, but when you look closely, they are also a bit grotesque. :)

  2. I love picture books! I have an obsession with illustration and spooky or dark children's books give illustrators so much creative scope, I think! I feel the same about so-called children's films like the stop-motion animation of Tim Burton or the Laika studio... works of art! :)

    1. Yes, creepy things that are suitable for children and adults alike are awesome! :) I think the most important thing is humor, for example the Addams Family, they are creepy but witty and funny.