Thursday, 23 January 2014

Freezing jewelery: Lapponia Jewelery from Finland

Today I am not going to introduce to you anything goth, or at least the necklace I am showing you is not goth straight away. Still, I think it is beautiful and I believe it fits my style. The necklace is made by Lapponia Jewelry, which is a Finnish brad that makes all kinds of jewelry but they are usually modern and represent cool, almost chilly design. The designers seek inspiration from Finnish nature, mythology and many other things too.

The specific necklace which hits my aesthetic spot is Winter Pearl by Mari Isopahkala, who made Winter Pearl as a guest designer for Lapponia, after winning the title Young Designer of the Year 2013.

I got this necklace as a graduation present from my parents when I became Bachelor of Arts last summer. I love this necklace, how it looks like ice pearls, but also like some chemical formula.


  1. It looks like quicksilver bubbles! Very cool indeed, fantastic design!

    1. I think so too! It is at the same time quite classy and modern. :)