Thursday, 5 June 2014

Gothic Art in Spotlight: Jean-Michel Fauquet

Once again this post is about to begin with the words 'when I was in Paris', since it is vital for the post. I went there to Maison européenne de la photographie, where there were works of several artists on display. One of them almost took my breath away.

This exhibition has unfortunately ended, but in the bottom floor were the works of Jean-Michel Fauquet. I am not trying to undermine photography as art when I say that those works of art were not just photographs. It was clear the artist had used other things too, other techniques and other instruments to make those works of art. All information about the pieces were in French and unfortunately my vocabulary is not that grand when it comes to a specific field of methods of making art. Of coarse I could have googled all words but honestly, I was too busy just admiring those photos / paintings / installations.

Fauquet has used many different techniques to make his art works the way they are. Many of the works resemble more an oil painting than a photo. I fell in love with the eerie atmosphere of the exhibition and the paintings / photos. I think these works of art are gloomy, bleak, sad and extraordinarily beautiful. I especially adored this grand collage.

I found some information at the web page of Gallerie VU' about Fauquet and his works and photos of some photo-paintings I had not seen at the exhibition. Those were really interesting works and the analyze of Fauquet's works and their style is spot on why I consider them rather gothic.

Back in two weeks with another gloomy artist!


  1. Those are amazing works! I love black and white photography, it seems so much more expressive to me! All the light and shade!

    1. Yeah, it's funny how black and white always looks more dramatic and like it is saying something more than just a modern color photo. :D I'm glad you liked Fauquet's works too!

  2. Replies
    1. I agree, Jean-Michel Fauquet is a talented person! :D