Thursday, 24 July 2014

Planning a trip to Budapest and what to see

I am travelling to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, in less than a month. This post is about my goth-y travel plans and if you have a tip, please leave a comment! I would love to know what else one can do in that beautiful city.

Arany Sas Pharmacy Museum

This museum is in the house where the first apothecary of Budapest originally situated. According to tourist information, they have recreated an alchemist's laboratory and there are tons of interesting objects to see.

Semmelweis Museum of Medical History

In the webpage of this museum they state they have one of the richest collections of physician and chemist historical collection. We all know the history of medicine has been rather peculiar and often gory so it would definitely be an interesting place to visit.

Labyrinth of Buda Castle

Apparently they are open 24/7 but if you go there by night, you have to register. That way they know who are lurking in the dark labyrinth!

The Opera

I was to understand that in August there would be a large international opera and ballet festival and there would be numerous visiting groups of dancers and singers performing in the Hungarian State Opera. Alas, there is no mention of any shows in the State Opera's web page or performance calendar. Maybe I do not know how to search the information from the right place? I really want to see an opera or a ballet in there that way I also can see the beautiful opera house from the inside!

Random walking around to admire the architecture

Random walking around is usually the best way to see the city and bump into some unexpected and interesting things one could not find in a tourist information leaflet. Budapest is filled with architecture that interests a goth and there are numerous statues and other pierces of history and art scattered all over the city.

Attending a goth club

The great and mysterious internet has told me that there is a goth club every Friday at Marco Polo Club. It is in the vicinity of our hotel, so it is not a big effort to go and check if the goth night is still happening.

Some art museums and galleries

This should not be a great surprise to those who have read this blog. :)

Have you visited Budapest? Any tips on what one could do there?


  1. Oh wow! Sounds exciting! Unfortunately, I do not have any tips to give you, I have never been there myself. Have fun!

  2. This sounds lovely! I have been longing to go to the labyrinth, I heard they closed it a few years ago so it if has reopened now that is great!

    1. I do hope it is opened! ^^ At least the guide book I have recommends it and the book is published less than a year ago.