Friday, 19 June 2015

The Evil Queen's apple juice

If the Evil Queen wanted to dispose Snow White today, I bet this is what she would use!

I found this awesome black apple juice in the local supermarket. It costs less than one euro per liter and it is genuinely black!
Not the smartest move to photograph it against black clothes, though... When poured, it looks quite grey.

This juice is a product of Valio, the biggest dairy (+ juice) company in Finland and the juice brand is Hörppy, which means a Sip (as in take a sip of something liquid).
This certainly looks poisonous enough for Snow White!  
It is midsummer and the longest day of the year means a lot in this Northern country I live. Everybody is partying at this very moment. I too am off to enjoy myself soon, so this is just a short post of a cool and goth friendly product I found. In the end of this month I plan to participate to Professor Z's Monthly Homework Assignment and tell about some summery beauty traditions from Finland.

Enjoy your summer solstice!


  1. Wonder if I get it in my country ? I'll try.

  2. That's awesome. Is it any good? Enjoy the long day!

    1. Thanks. ^^ It does taste like normal sweet apple juice, so it is quite good!

  3. Haha! Goth apple juice! How cool!

  4. Oh I wish I could find that here

  5. That's one of my favourite juices, since it looks so cool and tastes also pretty good. It's also the gothiest juice I've ever seen. :D

  6. oh i want that to be available in germany, tooooo *_* <3

  7. The black outfit, glass and juice look so cool! Btw I've done the Liebster Award challenge, if you'd like to check it out ^^

  8. Reminds me of a black vodka i once found at a gas station in Spain. Of course Apple juice is a much healthier option. Too bad I can't get out here. The only northern Europe product I get is Voss water from your neighbors in Norway.