Saturday, 13 August 2016

Gothic Art in Spotlight: Ghosts and creepy sculptures

The road trip in July took me to the city of Joutsa in Central Finland. There resides the Art Center Haihatus (could be translated as a daydream or a fanciful idea). It is an artist run art center and they hold every summer a grand exhibition. Artists can also apply for residency in Haihatus.

The exhibition area consists of three buildings and their garden, and a field area next to them. The place was filled with all kinds of works but mostly installations or statues, like this dragon like creature:
The three buildings have names, Haihatus, Utopia, and Fantasia. In Utopia was the main exhibition, or at least I felt like it. This skeleton is a small detail (it is the size of a two-year-old) of an installation that filled one room. I'm not sure if it is done with papier-mâché or is it some sort of clay.
In the attic was a grand installation by Jouko Korkeasaari. The name of the work is "Ett spök, spöket, spök" which is oddly almost Swedish. It almost says "A ghost, the ghost, ghosts", like in a dictionary but it is spelled wrong. I am pretty sure that is the point, because these creatures looming between hanging sheets are almost like ghosts, but there is something wrong in them.
I think the one above seems to be afraid of the viewer. Usually ghosts are supposed to be the scary ones.
This too seems like it is reserved. In the back of the room was a window open, so the sheets moved a bit in the breeze. Very spooky!

In the building called Fantasia we found the most bleak or grim works. The rooms were very dark, there were practically no lights and I guess I missed some information board or something because I could not find information about who made these works. Nor have I any idea what the titles of the artworks are.
This here is some sort of a mummified troll. Not real, of course. The text says "Please do not feed the trolls". Underneath was placed a typewriter, perhaps as a symbol for making up stories and fairy tales.
This here is a very old basin for bathing little children. The legs are from an old table and the basin is filled with bones. Clearly bones of a quite large creature.
No idea what is the point of this but it is cute in some very odd way. The feet have little paws so it sort of looks like a very abstract version of a pet.

I hope you found these works interesting! Next time I'll be back with another Creepy Reads Review.


  1. This is awesome! I love the ghosts and the bathtub. :)

  2. The bone basin is terrifying! Something out of a dark faerytale!

    1. Yes! I can imagine a new Grimm's fairy tale with the infamous Bone Basin! :D

  3. Thank you for taking us to all those museums! I really like that ghost room, and sure that must have been some strange feeling with the moving fabrics!

  4. That Jouko Korkeasaari installation is quite nice and I like the idesa of mixing fantasy with macabre too. I admit, that the bone basin looks kind of silly to me though...:)

  5. The ghost looks so creepy and might be easy to do for Halloween - thin white cotton with glue, right?

    1. I guess so, I did not touch them in order to find out the materials. :D The ghosts looked like their feet too were draped in fabric.