Monday, 28 November 2016

Personal update and a review of Demeter's perfumes

The "How are you?" -part 

This Autumn was awfully busy for me. I had 4 posts planned but did not have time or energy to actually write them. Is it just me, or do people in general have very hectic lives in October and in November? I feel like every year my Autumn is so busy I do not really have time to enjoy it.

Partly the reason for the recent silence in this blog is that about every Autumn I get an awful flu and one or more sinus infections. It's hard to try to write witty posts if your head is full of snot. :)
The Autumn leaves just before the first snow.
I had a birthday a week ago but did not have time to plan a party to celebrate it. I have this feeling that for the past 7 years I've been so busy in November that I haven't really had time to celebrate my birthday properly. Year 2014 being an exception, because that year I managed to have the werewolf themed party.

Even though I have not written this blog for a while, I did manage to participate into a couple of projects that involved writing. I wrote a scientific article about a French short story L'insecte by Claire CastillonIt was published in a web magazine Metalepsis by the Literature students from University of Tampere. The magazine is in Finnish. I also started to write more fiction myself and I noticed I enjoy it very much.

Demeter Fragrance Review

A couple of months ago I ordered some perfumes and colognes from the Demeter Fragrance Library. I was intrigued by their product called The Funeral Home and the scent series inspired by Elvira. Of the Elviras I decided to order Zombie. They also had Vampire but the description suggested it would be much sweeter than the Zombie, and I do not like to wear very sweet scents myself.
A photo of me without any real reason. 
Demeter has a vast scent library and the idea is that the user will make their own cocktail of two or more scents. The scents are layered on the skin and thus one can create a unique personal cologne/perfume. Unlike most of the products, the Elvira perfumes are ready-made and they include several ingredients.

I did not order just two products. I also got several ingredients from the scent library. They were: mahogany, licorice, snow, thunderstorm, sunshine and riding crop. I also got another ready-made cologne that was inspired by New Zealand.
Testing perfumes and l'eau de toilettes is tricky because
a) a scent will smell a bit different on different people and
b) one gets used to the smell of perfume on their skin and will not necessarily notice it after a couple of hours. Hence it is not easy to actually know, what the final scent will be.

For me another problem was that I've had a common cold for almost two months now, and that effects the way I can smell things.

My first impressions of the Elvira's Zombie

It smells nice but not as earthy as I thought it would be. I imagined a zombie fragrance to be a bit more edgy. It is sweeter than I imagined but not too sweet for me. It has lovely, slightly spicy undertones and I use it on casual events and at work.

My first impression of the Funeral Home

It smells exactly like the name suggests: white flowers like lilies and a hint of mahogany and oriental carpet. In that sense, it is a great product. Unfortunately it is a tad too floral for me on its own so I have to try to mix some heavier undertones to it. It already has some mahogany in it, so I just add some more when I use it.

Final conclusions

In general, the scents are lovely and/or intriguing and none of them were a disappointment to me. I feel that the scents do not change radically nor disappear after an hour, which is great.

What I really like is that when one sprays the perfume, it gives just a small doze. This way it is easier to use the correct amount. It's awful when people have huge clouds of smell surrounding them. You are not supposed to smell another persons perfume from the distance of 2 meters!

All in all, I can happily recommend the products of Demeter Fragrance Library. 


  1. Congratulations on your publication! Good for you! Funeral home actually combines all my favorite scents...i love lilies and woodsy smells. Ha. I love Demeter scents...I don't like smelling like "perfume," I want to smell like something real. Like grass, fresh laundry, even dirt. Dirt is one of my favorites. The beach is, also. Pretty much if I see a display at any store, I'm trying on all the fragrances.

    1. I hesitated to order dirt, now I sort of regret it. :D My current favorite is the Thunderstorm but Snow is nice too. I like when the scent is a bit raw and unisex.

  2. Jag vet inte om alla andra har det kämpigt på sen-hösten men det är definitivt många förklylningar som går runt!

    1. Jå, och tydligen har jag haft dem alla. :D

  3. Trying to work out which perfumes suit you is definitely hard, and my skin chemistry does change the smell of perfume sometimes

    1. I've also noticed that at some point (after a year or two) some perfumes go off, and they start to smell a bit stale. :(

  4. It's great to have you blogging again. I've missed your blog posts. I enjoy your Critiques about various artist and exhibition. It's lovely to hear your writing for a couple of magazines.

  5. Happy (late) Birthday and congrats on your publication! I feel you on the time it takes to get something scientific published...

    1. Thank you! ^_^ I imagine you'd have some pro tips when it comes to writing scientific articles, dissertations, etc.!

  6. I was given Demeter's Old Book fragrance years ago. I don't recall liking or disliking it. I have read reviews that Funeral Home is too floral. I read that that was actually how it was named. It was intended to be called flower shop but someone said the cloyingly floral scent reminded them of a funeral home.

    Happy belated birthday!