Thursday, 26 January 2017

Gothic home decor: towels and a hot water bottle

I am currently making two DIY posts and one Creepy Reads Review, but I haven't finished any of them yet (not the doing-myself-part nor reading the novel).

I want to prevent a long hiatus on this blog so I'd like to feature some textiles I bought some time ago.

On a trip to Tallinn, Estonia, I bought these lovely kitchen towels. They are hand printed. They belong to the Kitchen Zoo collection by Anu Kaelussoo Design.
I got those from one of the small designer shops near the old town of Tallinn. It is a lovely city to visit and there is a lot to see!

I've also bought towels for humans, not just for dishes. These are made by Jokipiin pellava, a Finnish company that produces quality linens with the smallest possible ecological footprint they can achieve. In the first photo is actually a kitchen towel but I use it as a hand towel.
I really love that decorative pattern. I bought the completely black version, and it is so dark that you can only see the pattern when the light shines from a certain angle.

These next ones are larger towels (90 x 150 cm or 35 x 59 inches) and I really am pleased with them. They absorb moisture very efficiently and they are tiny when packed. Those qualities are very handy when one goes to the gym.
I myself hate dragging a huge bag, so it is very important for me that my towel doesn't take much room in my gym bag. This roll is about 15 centimeters (7 inches) long. And that pinstripe pattern is goth-y in a subtle way.
That band around it is elastic and is stitched on the towel, so you can never loose it.

Last but not lest, something I got today: a hot water bottle from Day Shop, a cute boutique on the Boulevard in Helsinki.

I adore that cute little skull. Hopefully that fella will keep my feet warm during the remaining winter months.

That's all for now, I hope you liked this little peek into my linen closet!


  1. Those kitchen towels are just love! I'm about to check out the artisit's etsy, maybe I can get matching ones? And the gym towels also seem like a good idea. My boyfriend has some made from microfibre, but I can't stand that touching my skin!

    1. I too cannot stand the microfiber! It feels awful. :D I have a couple of cleaning cloths made of it and I can't touch them with my bare hands.

  2. Those are lovely towels and probably look wonderful hanging at home.

    1. Especially since I live in a rental flat and I don't want (and probably wouldn't even be allowed) to paint any walls. So they are boring white and all gothness must come from textiles and paintings and furniture. :)

  3. I love those skull tea towels they look amazing.

  4. Love the towels! There's just something about getting new towels and linens....

  5. I checked out the Anu Kaelussoo FB page - oh my goodness, she does some amazing things besides those towels! I'd love a pair of those black mittens with the anthropomorphic bunnies!! <3