Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Goth Tourist in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Soon, I will hop on a plane and fly to Glasgow. A dear friend of mine lives there and I am going to visit her on my holiday. We plan to visit Edinburgh together and go see something goths will find interesting: Surgeons' Hall Museums.

There are two museums and one collection:
I am just dying to see them all. Lame pun intended.

Me and my friend are also planning to visit the Necropolis in Glasgow. Sarah from Tales From A Geordie Goth visited it quite recently. Sarah was super nice and gave me some more tips on her post about places to see!

Stay tuned for my travel posts!


  1. It sounds very interesting particular the surgical history Edinburgh was definitely driving force for advancing medical development during the 19th century. I haven't been to any of the museums in Edinburgh but visited the College of surgeons in London it was fascinating. Any hope you have a good time. Glad my tips helped.