Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Darker decor.

Finally I am through with showing old pictures. The reason was that my camera was broken and now I finally got the new one I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I'm still learning to use it (different brand), so I took some test pictures of pieces of gothic decor in my apartment.

This bottle holder is carved from a single piece of wood and the usual comment I hear is "macabre" and I always reply to that "yes, isn't it wonderful!" It was bought in a little boutique in Amsterdam. I think it was on Doelen-Hoogstraat but I would not bet on it.

This picture is not flipped. That clock is from London and it "goes the other way". I'm so used to it, that I no longer know how to check the time from my normal wrist watch. I use it very seldom. Underneath the clock is a picture of a Swedish designer Ludvig Löfgren's glass statue. There are many different variations of that beauty and here is a link to Kosta Boda, where one can by those. I unfortunately did not have money to buy a real one, so I had to be content with a postcard in frames.

This cage-like thing is actually meant for a little candle, but I decided to put corks of champagne bottles in it. Those are from times that we celebrated something special. I guess many save corks from special occasions, but I have learnt it from my mother. She is a writer and every time her book is published, she and her husband will open a champagne bottle. She conserves her corks in a huge glass chalice.


  1. Yay for a new camera!
    I've been posting older photos too - my camera connector wire seems to have gone astray. ^.o

  2. Thanks, for the wishes, and hopefully your connector wire finds back home safe and sound. :D