Friday, 1 June 2012

Wine for gothic dinner table

While I was visiting my family, I noticed they had purchased some wines, that had somewhat gothic allure.

The other one is more like rocky tattoo-artist's wine and the other one is more sinister. Those were emptied long ago, so I can not tell truthfully were they any good. Those were purchased from airport who knows from what country and my lovely relative confessed she bought them simply for the looks. According to her those wines were no especially tasty.

This is what it says at the back of the black bottle:
"Designer visionary Christian Audigier and legendary Montpeyroux estates collaborated to create a cool, young wine..."
And then it tells it goes well with lamb and other praises about the youthfullness of the content. So, it is from France and I imagine possible to order online, if one chooses to.

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