Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tattoo, body and soul

I had a tattoo made. It took three sessions, but I think it was worth it. It is good to get a little time in the process. Now it is finally healed, so I have a chance to show it. It is situated in the upper part of my leg, not in a buttock, so don't be alarmed by the picture, it is not meant to be any way rude! It is about the same place where My Little Ponys have their rainbows and other branding iron marks.

It is a sort of fantasy flower, and first it may seem quite ordinary and conventional tattoo of flora. When one looks at it more closely, one starts to see all those little oddities. It is scattered and weird, possibly little repulsive.

In a way, it is a picture of my soul, because like that flower I too seem normal, pretty and nice, but under the surface I can be ugly and petty. Many years I had thought about getting a tattoo, but I thought it should really tell something about me and past few years have been a turmoil for me, more for my personality and the way I see the world, not so much as huge concrete shifts of space and substance. Now, finally I have found something true in myself, so I decided to ink it to my skin for all to see.

I would be really interested to hear about other peoples experiences or about their dearest tattoo. Doesn't matter if that answer comes after months, it would still be delightful to read. So please, stranger, tell me about yourself, if you feel comfortable!


  1. The craftsmenship on your tattoo is wonderful! Congratulations on your new piece of permanent art. >:D

    I have a heart with rainbow wings tattooed on the left side of my neck.
    Pic: http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff311/cuteLfishy/DSCN1277.jpg

    The simple black outline of a heart represents a soul that is defined, though always open to what is different and new. The rainbow wings depict a person that is happily situated in her unique personality. The location was chosen so I would see it everyday and remember that I always have wings to keep me independent. (Second tattoo)

    I have my dog's paw-print on the inside of my left leg, right about the ankle with a rose inside the paw print. She passed away, and I want to always remember her. The location was chosen because her back left leg was her bad one, so now she walks forward with me into the future. (Third tattoo.)

    I have a bleeding hearts flower branch on my back that represents my siblings and myself, with each flower in one of our favorite colors. The location was chosen because I wanted a tattoo that was slightly visible, but easy enough to hide. (This was my first tattoo.)

    My last tattoo for the moment is the quote "I'm playing for keeps," adapted from a Superchicks song. I like it because it reminds me to be less of a flighty person, and to not run away from the things and people that really matter to me. The location was chosen because I wanted a tattoo that was slightly more visible than my others, and the font is in the handwriting of one of my high school friend's.

    1. Those stories behind your tattoos are lovely! The symbols and meanings are toutching and the pic of your winged heart is extremely pretty. :D But can I ask, why you wanted your siblings to your back?

    2. My dad always says, "Friends come and go; family is forever," and to an extent, I believe that. Plus, the tattoo beats carrying around a photo of my siblings everywhere when I get homesick! XD