Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Goth Mary Poppins' Creative Goth Summer Weeks: 2nd task

Todays task is to take pictures from ALL your unfinished projects, tell why are they unfinished, and what do you plan to do with them. The challange-part is to finish at least one of them. The BIG challange-part is to finish all of them till the end of summer.

Unfinished task number one:
I bought today new buttons for my coat, but have not stitched them. The coat is white, which many think is not that gothic color but I disagree. White and black make an intriguing contrast. In this pic the buttons look all most brown, but in real life they are much more red, like wine red. There is some stitching to do this evening!

Unfinished task number two:
Voodoo-doll of Ron Weasley to be a prop in my student association's pin up calender. The theme is popular culture and one of the ladies is the Harry Potter character Hermione, doing some love magic via the voodoo doll. I have made Ron out of an old pillow (the stuffing) and of two old T-shirts (one white, the other is his hair) and at the moment he is still missing a little woollen scarf with gryffindor colors. I am not going to do it, since on of my fellow students is a maniac with knitting.

Unfinished task number three:
A white dress I bought form a flea market with 3 euros. It is about  a size or two too big so I should get my sewing machine to work and take in a bit.

Unfinished task number four:
A custom made Chinese dress, which is made of pinstripe. I'm goint to explain about it more when Creative Goth Summer Weeks comes to the part where one tells about projects that are too massive for the participant. :) Still, here is a little pic of the dress.


  1. Wow, thank you for the post!

    That voodoo doll is amazing, I need one to hug when My love is away! Or to poke his organs, when he is not nice. :D

    1. I bet there is an Etsy shop where they sell voodoo dolls! :) At least I think it would be a good business idea, to sell custom made dolls for multiple causes.