Monday, 18 June 2012

Kitchenware with a little gothic style

As stated earlier, rental apartments are not usually that gothic and especially bathrooms and kitchens can be awfully pastel. So kitchenware is the only salvation for a person who wishes to make home look more fashionable.

I found these lovely wine glasses from a flea market and sadly have no idea where or whom by the are manufactured.

Another product I have grown very fond of is this cutting board. Actually I have three of them, two small (about the size of an A4 paper) and one bigger. I bought them from a shop called Espan Enkelit ( But below the picture is a straight link to the manufacturing company. These cutting boarrds are made of glass and are much hygienic than the ones made of plastic or wood.


  1. Nice glasses! Here is the silverware I really want I think the swirl is wonderfully gothic and they're just really unique utensils.

    I also love Crystal Head Vodka glasses and hope to buy-

    1. That silverware is wonderful and very gothic! The vodka glasses are wicked, but I think I like more of the shot glasses though the other ones are pretty too. :D