Thursday, 28 June 2012

Goth Mary Poppins' Creative Goth Summer Weeks: 8th task

 Goth cuteness: bats, fluffy babyowls, black cats, feathers, tutus, pink and black, muffins, smiley skulls, stripes, ribboned spiders, Tim Burton characters etc.and their role in your DIY. You don't have anything with those patterns? Make one!

I haven't got anything DIY made at the moment since I have had a lot of work shifts this week. Nevertheless, I'd like to introduce to you a book that had a great influence to my life. It is written by Malcom Bird 1984 and I stumbled on it in a library when I was 7-year-old. The title is "The witch's hadbook" and I loved it! Because of that book I thought that when I was to grow up, I'd become a witch instead of a vampire. (gosh, what a cliché-baby-goth I was!) Here is a link to the maker og the book:

The cover, book in Finnish.
Anyways, it has many recipes and instructions for knitting. I have been thinking about making some skull and bat decorated winter outfits but it is sommer now. So here are some pics of the book I have (my lovely friend gave it to me as a birthday present, since the one that library had went missing a decade ago but not by me). Those are some recipe pages, which I have tried and they were delicious!

The title of a chapter 2. called 'The witch's kitchen'.

A recipe for cookies. Taste very good, I've tried!

Some spooky appetizers. I have tried the death caps, made of boiled egg and tomato.


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    1. Thanks. ^_^ It is all most gooey cute to talk about childhood dreams, but i thought they'd be appropriate for this CGSW of Goth Mary Poppins.

  2. Now I want to be a witch, too!

    I tagged you for Liebster Award! :)

    1. Oh, I'm so flattered, and yet also a little scared, since I'm not that good with apps and tagging in blogger and what else..! :D Still, try my best!