Saturday, 9 June 2012

Living next to a mansion

Come and meet my next door neighbours! I live in a block of flats, 2 kilometers form the centrum square, but next to my apartment is actually an arboretum and two manor houses. Those mansions are quite next to each other, so the city has decided to make it an outing area for common folk. This is the first manor house, if I have understood correctly, one can rent it for special occasions.

The day I went to the garden was a bit chilly and when I was leaving it started to rain. I was wearing a hat with one of those "Skeleton Bride" camees. The blue scarf is cashmere and it was a present from my father. The shirt underneath is just plain ordinary shirt, from H&M.

I am one of those people whom have large breasts, so most of the shirts made by gothic designers do not fit me well. The prints get stretched and if the fabric is not elastic, then my bosom is going to be crushed, or the cloth is way too big from waist. Also, I am not crafty with my hands and it is rather expencive for a student to buy custom made clothes.

The other pictures show how wonderfully this garden is decayed. It is taken good care, of course, but the old structures are left in the state they are, with no restoration.

Unfortunately the weather has been quite cold, so the arboretum and all those beautiful flowers and roses and  plants weren't in a very picturesque state, but here are couple pictures of more prettier sights. The mansions are situated at a lake, actually the whole town where I live is surrounded by water.

Finally, the last mansion. There were many cars in front of it and around it, so I did not go too close. I did not want to interfere, if somebody was having a meeting or a wedding reception. Still, it looks very pretty and those stairs just scream after a fair gothic lady to walk down in a gorgeous evening dress. 


  1. wow, what a beautiful place. I always can't get over thinking that these "houses" used to be for one family. Crazy!
    I have the same problem with shirts. Most gothic designers make clothes for not-so-curvy gals. I have to try on lots and lots of things before I can find something that fits my chest.

    1. Yeah, it is quite freaky, even if the family had servants. :) And it's good to know other people are troubled with the same problem with me. Some of the clothes are clearly meant for 14-year-old girls, not grown-up female figure.