Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bathroom of a modern psyko. Or a vampire.

This is from our bathroom
I can imagine that a lot of goths live in rented apartments, and the landlord is not too keen about a thought of purple wallpaper or black paint. I myself felt allmost depressed with the bathroom, untill my significant other bought us a lovely shower curtain.

That was over a years ago, and I today saw something at Sourpuss (I feel obligated to say that I do not get paid for advertisement, nor have I ever bought anything from them). :)

It is a blood bag filled with red fluid, though it is said to be cherry scented shower gel. Too bad my skin is so sensitive I can not use shower gels and my spouse does not like cherries in any form.

Picture is from Sourpuss

This picture is from Sourpuss' site and I think it is a fabulous product idea. But I must say I would prefere some other scent than cherry. What about others, do people like cherry more than strawberry scent for example?

Or more importantly, do you have some easy trick to make your home more gothic or prettier?

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