Friday, 22 June 2012

Sophisticated decor with gothic touch

I had been dreaming of a rococo sofa or a divan. So, I started to wander around flea markets and charity shops. As a student I can hardly pay hundreds of euros for a piece of furniture. And finally I found something suitable from Salvation Army's shop!

Don't know about you others from other countries but in my home country it is not considered poor or sad to shop second hand clothes or furniture. If you think about antique, which is so highly valuated, that was once owned by somebody too.

 The sofa and a new coffee table are situated at the balcony/terrace depending on how one looks at it. The old sofa is still in the apartment so it would be way too crowded if I tried to fit the new things to the living room also.

The sofa cost 90 euros and the coffee table 40 euros. Having two strong workes to bring them to the apartment cost 20 euros so not bad, I say!

At the left corner of the picture is seen a part of the older coffee table, which is so hideous that one has to cover it with velvet. So sad, in so many levels.

Actually it is quite nice now to sit there and read a good book with a glass of iced campari. Though I must admit that the sofa is a bit scruffy. The fabric is at some parts very time-worn and as in the first pic of the sofa is seen, the seam at the middle part is coming out. Or something, I have no idea what people call that thingy that is holding the pillow in form.


  1. Replies
    1. :D Happy to hear that. Though I guess every goth would like to have that sofa in some other color, like dark red or blue or black. So there is stuff for me to dream about too.

  2. Wow, it looks cool for some DIY! :D

    In my mind I've already sewn bloodred upholstery (=thingy that is holding the pillow in form), and added some small black pillows with white lace!

    1. I was actually thinking about adding there some darkred, or black too. :) It all depends on how it is going to suit that cream-like color of the sofa in real life.