Friday, 22 June 2012

Goth Mary Poppins' Creative Goth Summer Weeks: 4th task

Today's task: Some project, that seems to be to big to start. Ask help and/or advice, or take it to a professional, but just start it! ^^

As I earlier showed, I have a custom made pistripe Chinese dress. I'll shortly tell it's story. My father had made a few business trips to China and he asked if I would like a custom made silk dress. I said yes and I emailed my measurements and next time he was home he brought a blue silk dress. It was almost perfect, but since I happen to have large breast area, the maker of the dress could not make it fit perfectly from thousands of miles a way. Since the dress is silk and with many layers, I'm not goint to do anything to it my self.

See that little gap?
How it would look like with a bit of stitching.

So, that was the tiny error in the first dress. Since that dress was so pretty I ordered a new one via my father. The next dress was to be made of oh-so-gothic-pistripe. It was the same firm and the measurements of my figure were exactly tha same, but something went terribly wrong. Apparently the tailor who was making the second dress could not believe the size difference between my bust and waist, so apparently he/she took the biggest measure and made a standard size dress.

This is how it is supposed to look like.
This is how baggy the pinstripe dress looks like.

The pinstripe dress has multiple layers and at the right side is the zipper so I have no idea how to make it smaller. Though thanks to summer delicacy I have gained a couple of kilos (as seen in the lower tummy area at the pic of blue dress), so I'm planning to go to a professional tailor when I got a bit slimmer figure.

Detail of the pinstripe dress.


  1. That pinstripe dress is so cool! How is it possible, that he/she just changed the measurements? O.O

    I usually have the same problem, having L bust, S waist and M bottom...

    Thank you for your post!

    1. I have wondered that many times too. >:I I guess it was another employee, so he/she did not know there allready had been made one dress with those measurements.