Sunday, 1 July 2012

Liebster Award

Lovely Goth Mary Poppins gave me a Liebster Award and I am a bit stunned and flattered. I have been in Blogger just a couple of months and have not encountered these awards or chain mails or anything else that is social. ;)

The Rules:
Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
Create 11 questions the tagger has set for you.
Choose 11 people and link back to them.
No tag backs.

11 things:

1. I am going to visit Warsaw, Poland in August and I am really excited about the trip even though it is merely a short weekend.

2. I have no musical talents what so ever. I do not understand anything more complicated than basic beat.

3. Even though I do not understand music, I love to listen to it and dance to it. I can feel it and it feels gooooood!

4. I guess I use a bit too much alcohol, but I consciously block the thought. I do not try to get drunk and when I do get drunk it is usually a student thing or a party weekend.

5. I am a vain person. My looks are more important to me than what I care to confess.

6. My mother is a writer and of coarse from time to time her writer-friends tend to ask from me when I am going to publish my first novel. It is a bit annoying, since I would never be as popular as my mother and my writing is so different from hers.

7. I have a sick sense of humour.

8. I love playing with words and hidden meanings.

9.  At spring I am supposed to have my baccalaureate, but I have no idea what I should make my research of.

10. My student organisation is making a pin up calendar and it has been really fun!

11. I do not really know that much people from the blogger community, so it is a bit hard to come up with 11 people to send this to.


1. Some story, that was embarrassing when happened, but later became funny. 
I work part time as a salesperson at a kiosk. It was supposed to be my day off, but I got called to work, since another salesperson was taken ill. I was needed immediately and I said “yeah, by subway I’ll be there in 20 minutes”. The problem was, I was not home and I was wearing a teeny-tiny black tulle skirt. I got a work blouse to lend, and everything was ok as long as I staid behind the counter. The action started 15 minutes before closing, because I had to come out and take the advertisers from outside and tidy up. So, I’m there in a miniskirt and high heels and some drunk comes in and is amazed. “Whoa, what a fairy, I wonder what’s under all that tulle!” he yelled and I quickly went to the backroom. Luckily he hiked off when I told him to.

2. Any weird fact about you.
My pinky toes have a hunchback. All the other toes are normal and slender, but in both feet the last little fellow looks like a Notre Dame’s bell ringer. They practically have no nails either.

3.  What did you wanted to be when you grow up?
Till the age of 7 I wanted to be a vampire. I have no idea why, but I have found a great pile of drawings I’ve made of vampires and their castles. I had designed my own castle and how I would décor it. All the vampires had long nails, black or dark red lips and split ends in their hair. I have no idea, why I felt that was so important, that all my drawings had many split-ended hairs. I guess those looked like snake’s tongue. When I was 7 years old, I found a book called “Witch’s handbook” and decided to become a witch instead. ;)

4. Best Christmas present ever?
Actually I dislike presents. I always have this fear the present is going to suck and one has to pretend it is nice so the giver is going to feel good, even though inside one is disappointed. I can’t really remember a “best Christmas present ever”.

5.  Funny local tradition that you and/or your family follows.
Instead of trick-or-treat at Halloween, in my home country children go for a stroll at Easter. They dress as Easter bunnies and witches (now you know why I like this tradition so much!) and they knock at doors and ask if they can wish well for the household / make a spell for good luck. Basically that means they have these wands of willow that are decorated with feathers and flowers made of silk paper (to symbolize spring) and they say a little poem about good luck and give the stick to the person whom they wished good luck for. In return the person gives candy and chocolate to little witches.

6. Worst song, that you secretly like.
I am probably going to be decapitated because of this confession, but I like Nicki Minaj’s and David Guetta’s “Turn me on”. It has a very steam punk music video.

7. Are you a morning bird or night owl?
I tend to stay up till late night, but not till the sunrise. It is quite hard, considering how at this time of year, the sun hardly goes down in my home town. Usually my lections start about ten or twelve, so I do not have anything to force me to rise up early.

8. Do you prefer boots or pointy heels?
Pointy heels are adorable! I have way too many high heeled shoes and I love them all, but I would love me a pair of good boots too. I have been searching for those for over a year now.

9. What is your favourite snack?
At the moment, I like plums. At the shop they are juicy and ripe, so they are a perfect snack.

10. Alcohol: yes or no?
Yes. In my home country it is all most a tradition to be an alcoholic, but I do not consider myself to be one. I just love a glass of good wine with good supper. I do not like to get drunk. I just love dry white wine or a bottle of velvety red. Or a glass of bubbly, but no cider, ale, or long drink. Funny thing, in Finland we call long drink as "lonkero" which also means "tentacle".

11.  What was your last dream you can remember? 
 Last night in my dream I was hoovering, but the dust just came from the other end out and I was really distressed and desperate. That is a really lame dream, but got to be honest.

The questions:

1. If you were a household item, what would you be and why?
2. What you dislike in yourself the most?
3. What is your best feature?
4. If you were a supernatural creature, what would you be and why?
5. What would your dream holiday be like?
6. What sort of a relationship you have with your parents/family members, do you get along?
7. Do you have a birth mark, a tattoo or some other special feature in your body?
8. Tell a story of one of your scars or other injuries.
9. What is your favourite book and why?
10. Do you have some sort of a talent and what it is?
11. If you could choose a new name for yourself, what would it be and why?




I'm sorry, but I just could not tag anyone I have not actually talked with, so the list is so patheticly short.

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