Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Goth Mary Poppins' Creative Goth Summer Weeks: 10th task

It is time for Goth Mary Poppins' Creative Goth Summer Weeks again!

Today: Something handmade that you wear above your neck.

As stated earlier, I am not usually doing that much crafty things and todays task was hard to come by with something that I allready own, since I am off tomorrow to a little trip and have no time to figure out something cool and gothy for the occasion.

A real gothic flower
This is a handmade (by somebody) and I bought it from a flea market. I actually molded it by myself too, but that only meant that I cut off a hideous bow tie the skull had. The bow tie was some plain blue fabric with white squares and it clashed really hard with the red of the skull. I have no idea why the maker had put it there but removing it made the hole hair clip much better.

Even though I have not manufactured this floral decoration, it is not hard to figure out how it was made. There is an ordinary fake daisy from some nifty gifty shop, the beam is cut of and the hairclip is glued at the back. There is also a part of a little plastic skeleton, I guess from some halloween season sale and the skull has been cut in half. Then the front of the skull is glued to the flower. I guess they used glue gun, or what ever it is called that makes hot glue people use at wood work at elementary school.

I do actually have something that one would wear above neck, but I have not yet figured out what exactly I ought to do with it. There is no other possibilty than to let it be for the time being. Also, my camera is charging the battery and I just remembered it and have no pics of that hair decoration thingy. it is also a find from the same flea market but it needs much more molding than the skull with an ugly bow tie.


  1. This flower-skull is nice! Thanks for the post!

    1. I guess it is, but its not really haute couture or classy. :D I'm so excited about the next CGSW, but I'm off to an over-night countryside trip in two hours and can't participate. I had allready a thing I've been yearning to do, but I haven't got all the materials and again no time to go buy them. :O Newertheless I'm going to make those shoes a bit late then. This CGSW is wonderful, cos' its starting to make me more creative and I love it, so thank you, Goth Mary Poppins! ^^