Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Goth Mary Poppins' Creative Goth Summer Weeks: 14th task

Next: Anything else, clothing related, left out from the previous four posts. I'll show you a bag. ^^

I've been working and also made that little trip away from all my material belongings, so I haven't been able to participate so often. This is one of my few handmade things and alas, I must confess it is yet again not made by me! ;D But I deffinately shall start making things myself, though I have no idea what would they be.

This necklace is made by a mother of my dear friend, she is one crafty woman. She is actually a teacher of arts and crafts so she is allways looking for new things to make and this is just one of the fabilous jewellery she has made.

The necklace is made of an old silk tie. It is stitched narrower from the other end too and inside there is little wooden pearls. Then the maker has separated all pearls by binding the bar to a little string of balls.

As seen in the pictures, it can be used in many ways, one can tie it to the wrist and it looks also great. Or, if one has a massive hair extensions, it can be used around the head or as a decorative way to tie ones hair.

I'm a bit frustrated, because this week is going to a busy one for me, so I probably won't be able to participate to CGSW that much. :( And at Sunday I am off to visit my parents whom live 200 kilometers away so I won't be home for two weeks.

Also, this weekend I'll be a volunteer worker at Finncon, which is one of Europe's biggest scifi- and fantasy convention. I'll be working at the greenroom, making sure all the guest speakers and other important people have their beverages and peace to get ready for their shows. There is really no reason to brag, I got there only because I have a proof about my knowledge of hygiene, because that is a big part of my real summer job. Therefore it is not probable I get them food poisoned or anything. Still, I'm pretty excited, since many of the guest speakers are people whose work I like or, like the case is with some Finnish authors, I know them personally via family. This is also the first time I ever volunteer to help in any convention, so I think I deserve my child like happiness. ^^

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