Thursday, 2 August 2012

There is no vacation without some bones!

Skulls from a swamp grave, Finland's National Museum
I'm still visiting my family and my original plan was to make posts when I was back home. This plan has changed a little, since I just had to show some photos. These pictures are from today.

I, with some dashing company, went to Finland's National Museum and Finnish Museum of Natural History and here are the things that took my breath away.

I don't really remember all the details of these skulls, but there has been many communal graves at that period of time, for example these fellows were from a huge grave and the had all sorts of jewellery buried with them. The scientists are not sure why were all these people in a one big grave and who exactly they even were.

Skeletons, Finnish Museum of Natural History
After the National Museum was time for some nature and there too were some beautiful skeletons. There were also a huge amount of stuffed animals and for some reason the huge cats were closest to my heart.

At the wall in the left pic is a skeleton of a python. I'm not sure how long it was but I bet it was more than 7 meters. Underneath it at the left is a wolf and I believe there is no mistaking with those massive antlers of the creature at the right. At the center is a skeleton of a lion.

I think a person who had designed all these stuffed animals was a sort of an artist. I'm not sure can one see it from the picture but they were really vivid and many oh the animals had life-like expressions on their faces.

The lurking lion is simply fantastic!


  1. Wow, that tiger look like it's alive!

    The skulls creep me out, it reminds me that instead of a peaceful grave we could end up being exhibit Nr. 531, they should rest in peace. Totally not goth, I know!

    I hope you have a fun holyday!

    1. Well thank you! And I hope your holiday has been great too. :D Also, I don't think it is 'not goth' to wish people would respect the dead and their restingplace. I think that is rather sensible!