Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Gothidays 2012 Day 4: metal covers of Burton's Nightmare before Christmas' songs

I believe every little goth has at least at some point watched Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas during the Holidays, or even held it as a tradition to watch it every year. I must admit that for me the magic of Nightmare before Christmas is wearing off during the years, but I do enjoy the songs. Especially the new versions of those songs, made by well-known artists.

This is a relatively new Christmas thinggy for me, since I just learned about it a few days ago from a friend. Here are some of the songs on youtube and an article in wikipedia. They can also be found in Spotify. Enjoy!


  1. I also have these songs (and more from the same album), either on my Halloween play list, or on my Christmas play list :)

    My post today is also about Christmas music!

  2. It was a yearly ritual in our household for my daughter and myself to watch Nightmare Before Christmas. That and Elf. Now that she's moved out, I kinda miss it! :o)

  3. HA! This is so many kinds of awesome!!! Thanks for sharing! The one movie I CAN watch over and over again is "A Christmas Story." I don't know why, but that movie never gets old. :)