Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Gothic Artwork in Spotlight: Grotesque dogs

Today, I am going to present a Norwegian artist, Ole Martin Skaug. He does not have a homepage and he is not easily contacted. I do know, that he is a Bachelor of Arts from California State University, and that he also makes art using photos. To be honest, he is quite a mystery to me, but I'd like to present his marvelous statues. He makes these ceramic grotesque animals and humans, though I prefer the ones that are not so human. Each statue is made individually, so they are all unique. Though Skaug does make the same statue many times, but none are completely identical.

The dogs in the pictures are purchased by my mother. She is the one who introduced me to this fine statues! Luck for me, she said it would be okay to take the pics and post them. She also has a third dog, a hideous and deformed but yet so heartwarmingly cute dog with wings. It hangs from the sealing in the study room of their house. Unfortunately I didn't remember to take a photo of it too.

I really like the expressions they are making, and how the body language gives the illusion the statues have personalities. These were bought from a store in Oslo, NorweyDesigns. Skaug's work is brought there and there is also much more art and desing from all the Scandinavian countries.


  1. Those are great! Gives new meaning to the phrase, “They're so ugly, they're cute!”

    1. Thanks, I like them too! :D Ugly things can be so cute. Well, sometimes.