Thursday, 9 May 2013

Reading tips: 4 books for twisted minds

Now, this is going to be a short post about the books I last bought. Two of them is fiction and two of them are about art. I bought all of these in Oslo, in a bookstore that had a massive sale going on and I was thrilled.

First, the fiction, which is usually so dear to me. To be frank I must confess, that I could not finish the novel of Terry Prattchett. Snuff was repeating a same monologue over and over again and I lost interest. Maybe I'll read it during the summer and I hope it gets a bit better.  I shall not say any more of it, hoping my perspective will change during time. One has to be twisted to enjoy a book called Snuff. just for the sake of it , I shall introduce another novel called snuff in near future. No worries, it is good literature, my dear readers!

The other fictitious story is Forgotten by Cat Patrick. The beginning is intriguing: a girl who can remember the future, but not what she ate yesterday. At the same time there is supernatural stuff and a teenage crush and a first kiss and the whole package. Unfortunately  the story doesn't go anywhere. There is no closure and the parts that are made to fit the "classical chick lit genre meets teenage raging" are sometimes a bit dull. I guess you have to be more twisted than I, in some sense, to enjoy it with a full heart.

Then I shall move on, like a bullet train, to art books. The other one is not that goth-y, but it is about street art and some of the pictures in there would certainly fit to the darker aesthetics. ;)  I did not start to take pics of the pages, so you just have to believe me and start to check out your every-day surroundings for cool contemporary art. Honestly, I have seen in my home town some pretty amazing and twisted graffiti and I have started to carry my camera around, just in case I see a great graffiti again!

Last but definitely not the least: Erotique - Masterpieces of erotic art. First of all, many of the themes in those pages fit the category of Goth or dark aesthetics. Secondly, this is a really great book that demonstrates why Zeus as a Swan making love to a human called Leda is "art" and why bestiality in manga is "not art". Whether we like it or not, there are categories and gatekeepers saying this and that and they exists. Erotique shows how different pieces of art can change their status during time, and many other things too.

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  1. I quite liked "Snuff" although it is one of the more realistic and darker Terry Pratchett novels. The story takes some time to get into full gear, but give it anothr chance. It gets really funny in the end!