Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Goth Tourist almost in London: Terror & Wonder: The Gothic Imagination

In August, I noticed an advertisement of this exhibition "Terror & Wonder: The Gothic Imagination" in the British Library and I have decided to go and see it. I have never been in London and my plan is to go with some friends there for a few days. They say at their web page that this exhibition is exploring our enduring fascination with the mysterious, the terrifying and the macabre. I don't think there is anything else to add. And check out this beautiful poster for the exhibition by Dave McKean!


I do not know if other people often travel to other countries for just one show or exhibition but that is the case. :) Of coarse I have wanted to visit London before too but this exhibition is something I do not want to miss so it makes me finally put a date on that travel plan.

Another show I would really want to see is "Death becomes her: A Century of Mourning Attire" in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which Trystan mentioned in a post too. Alas, the tickets from Finland to New York are way more expensive than tickets to London from that same starting point.

So, if you have some fun memories from London and tips where to go and what to see, I'd be really happy to read them in the comments!

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  1. I been to London when I was 11 years old, back in the nineties. I remember seeing punks and goths everywhere! I remember seeing a goth girl wearing those black and white stripy tights and telling my father that I wanted to look like her when I got older! Ha! I don't remember much except for it being a beautiful city. I do remember the really posh Mcdonalds that had arcade games and a pizza parlour that flipped the dough in the air! I was obviously too young at the time but they often play "The Lady In Black" in the theater. It really does scare the crap out of people! I would definately go and see that