Tuesday, 16 October 2012

DIY: Booze Jello, with tip to easily alter the theme

Unfortunately I have to postpone my plans to write about the last art book. We have a little break from the university, so I'm now visiting my parents and tomorrow I'm off to Saint Petersburg. I'll be back on Monday.

Meanwhile, I made a booze jello as a birthday present for two friends. The have this habit to hold parties that last the whole weekend. The also have some special theme for it and this time it was army.

My recipe:
0,5 litre of vodka
some sugar to make it sweeter (about 2 desilitres)
about 0,5 liters of concentrated juice (green)
15 leaves of gelatine
small plastic soldiers (as decoration)
conserved pieces of pineapple (1 can, so about 200g)
a mandarin or two (fresh)

First pour the vodka in to a huge bowl. Add sugar and juice untill it tastes ok. Use the instructions of the gelatine and when it is liquid pour it into the vodka and mix it well. Pour it into the cups or what ever you are going to serve it from. Add small pieces of fruit (not necessary). Put the jello to fridge. After a few hours plant the little plastic soldiers so that the can stand in the jello, looking fierce.

Of course, this simple recipe can be altered in to a more gothic style, which is the reason I am now telling about it. For example use dark red or violet juice. Insert little plastic spiders or eye balls or fake Dracula teeth into the jello instead of soldiers. I could not put soldiers to the jello before arriving to the party-place (a distant cottage 3 hour drive away), so the jello looks a bit scruffy.

This is an easy way to impress people and make it look like you made an effort!


  1. Wow, I should try it next time, with blue curacao!
    Wait, you can get really drunk with this thing, right? :D

    1. Yep :D It is sneaky, since the booze does not taste so much. Blue curacao sounds pretty and delicious!

  2. I have to try this! Really cute!