Thursday, 4 October 2012

DIY: spiderweb jewelry out of coasters

A few days ago I had some free time between lessons, so I went to a small shopping center next to the university. I strolled around and finally ended up at a sort of a crafts shop. They sell also all kinds of Halloween decorations and I saw these spiderweb coasters made of black felt. I thought, a spiderweb could be pretty brooch or hair jewelry. So I grabbed them and started to look for other inspiring things. Here is my pillage:

paper roses, coasters, little bird and angel wings
Also, I bought those little metal parts one needs to make them stick to the head or blouse. I have a slight problem though, the pins are so big, that one can see them behind. For example the one with bloody roses, I must either find smaller pins, or add some lace behind it to fade the metal parts away. I'm open for suggestions, because I really like it that way, but I want to actually wear it too!
The roses

The bird luckily hides the pin
Also, have not figured out how to make those little angels, tangled in the spiderweb. I had a clear vision when I bought the silvery wings, but how can I make those little figures without them looking crappy?

The two ready ones


  1. Ok, here are the ideas:

    1. Yours: put some different coloured material behind them (purple/burgundy velvet, maybe).

    2. Obvious and punkish: huge safety pins, and some small chains. If they are visible, anyway, why not make them look cool?

    3. Black pins/ painting the pin black with nailpolish, before applying it .This is the quickest one.

    Hope these helped!Good luck!

    1. Wouw! Thank you for the tips :D I shall try them as soon as possible (meaning Thursday 'cos tomorrow is so busy).