Saturday, 12 January 2013

Live-gigs at bars, usually a disappointment?

Doom-metal gig at a bar called Vastavirta

I seldom go to gigs that are held in bars, because the sound system is hardly ever good. I do not know if it is just me, but I never actually hear the words the vocalist sings. Or other details for that matter. The volume is just way too loud, making the experience more felt than heard.

One of the reasons is that the artists can't usually bring all of their own equipment. Another problem can be that the premises the bar is situated is not designed for live-music performances. Therefore the volume must be insanely loud to reach the far end of the room.

For example, last night I went with some of my friends to listen to doom-metal at a place called Vastavirta (Counter-current). Thank goodness one of our party had remembered the volume is absurdly loud and had a bag full of earplugs. So, we did not get our eardrums damaged, but I could feel each time a drummer hit his pedal the sound in my entrails and especially in my vocal cords, which was a bit freaky. It felt as if I had my self been all night singing like a growling doom-metal vocalist.

Remember you earplugs!

Of coarse the atmosphere in a crowded bar can be very good and enjoyable. I'm not saying last night was a bad experience, it felt strangely cathartic to let the sound waves occupy one's body and just feel the rhythm. 

Though I still like to hear by what language is the vocalist singing.


  1. I feel the same way about going to see concerts these days. Sometimes I'd just rather listen to the CD than spend so much money on a ticket, only to have some drunk spill their beer down my back in the middle of the concert! And I never manage to remember earplugs, so my ears generally ring for two days afterwards. But I think I might just be getting old and cranky ... ;)

    1. Well, in that case I've been old and cranky since I was 13 years old. :D You are totally right, beer down one's coat is much more probable on a live gig than with a CD.