Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Memetime: 30 cool things about me

I first saw this meme at two blogs, Trystan's This Is CorpGoth and Sylvia's Little Corp Goth Girl. I decided to do this meme of 30 cool things too. Firstly because I learned so many cool things about these lovely ladies and I would love to read more lists from other people, especially those who read my blog too and secondly I think it is really important to participate in these sorts of memes that promote healthier self-esteem. Without further ado, here are my 30 cool things about me:
  1. I have traveled to Paris, France all by myself for a holiday.
  2. I was in a theater and creative expression group for young from a 6-year-old till I was 18.
  3. I have cleaned a march-hare's skull for decorative purposes from flesh, brains and eyes.
  4. I got into university and am studying comparative literature, which was my dream.
  5. I know several languages: I am good in Finnish, English and Swedish. Every day I learn more French and I understand written Norwegian and Danish. I also remember quite a lot of Italian, because I studied it throughout high school. 
  6. I have dyed my hair dark emerald green.
  7. I've had three piercings on my eyebrows but alas, one of them was almost ripped off and the rest grew out.
  8. When I was 14, my theater group won a national competition with our own play.
  9. I've had ten piercings in my ears (five and five) at some point.
  10. One of the ear piercings was accidentally ripped off (so that I had a cut through my earlobe)  when I was 16 and I did not even twitch.
  11. I have a 4th Kuy (purple belt) in Shukokai Karate, next would have been brown but alas, I have not practiced since high school. I am thinking of starting to practice kickboxing or Thai boxing. 
  12. I got a 5 (the highest grade) of my Bachelor's degree dissertation.
  13. I do not use illegal drugs.
  14. I have a really strong and loud voice and I know how to use it.
  15. I have been as an interviewer at an international book fair and interviewed several novelists at a fair stand. I shall be doing that again this autumn! 
  16. I have been the president of my student association.
  17. For the past two years I have been really close to a burnout but I have fought to keep myself able to function. I have succeeded in it.
  18. I have traveled to 17 countries and I am visiting the 18th during next winter.
  19. I have also dyed my hair pink and before that it was blond with bright blue stripes. 
  20. I have been a zombie extra on a heavy metal band Lordi's music video This Is Heavy Metal I am seen on the left at 2:12 for example.
  21. I have had a habit of driving too fast but I have never had a speeding ticket.
  22. When I was 19, I had a 10 week internship at a mental health day centre. The people who attended there mostly had chronic schizophrenia. It was rough but I learned a lot.
  23. Some of my joints stretch more than normal, for example my knees bent way too much back and some people can freak out when I suddenly do it and it is so funny! :)
  24. One winter night me and my friend took a sled and went down a local ski slope (strictly prohibited). We could not control the speed and in the end we hit a wire-netting fence and my foot went right through it. Good thing I had proper army boots on!
  25. I have been larping (rather occasionally nowadays) since 2005.
  26. I am sort of writing a manuscript of a graphic novel and my friend who is an artist (she has studied art for many years and got a degree from a university of applied sciences so she is officially an artist) is designing and doing the pictures. Don't know if we try to get it published but it is fun doing it. 
    Me as Big Bad Wolf
    at a friend's bachelorette party
  27. A year ago I finally learned to knit socks. Now I have twelve pairs of cute goth-y woolen socks to keep my feet warm. I am NOT a DIY person but I am trying to become one. Slowly.
  28. I am witty with words and I have a vivid imaginary and I am often great company in a party.
  29. I like to host parties with cool themes, like "Doctors & Drug Addicts". Now I am planning to have a party with a theme "Lycantropy" but alas, the next time a full moon is on a weekend is in December!
  30. One of the cool things I am most proud of myself is that I am a feminist, which means I believe all people are equal and there should be no discrimination because of a person's sex (male, female or anything else), their sexual orientation nor because of their skin color or another physical aspect. I am a feminist, which means I oppose all stereotyping based on person's sex, sexuality etc., whether it is that "women are better cooks" or that "gay men are sissies". That is complete bulls***.

I hope many of you have time to do this 30 cool things meme too! :)


  1. That was very interesting reading all sorts of things about you :) I love when people do larping, I think it´s a wonderful thing! I got a feeling you are a very self confident woman, thumbs up for that!

  2. Wow, you are a pretty cool person. I love your pictures and think it is cool that you have visited so many places.

    1. Thanks! Though sadly I have only visited countries that are European (+ Turkey, though they claim to be European). I would love to visit Canada someday!

  3. I would love to travel. I haven't been out of North America though :( Maybe someday I'll get to visit other continents

    1. I too have not left my home continent. :-/

  4. What a great post, I learned so much about you! I also love to travel; in fact I just came back from a vacation with my boyfriend in Barcelona! I have also larped in my past, but only as an NPC. And I aso regard myself not only a feminist but someone who ignores skin colours, sexual orientation and anything that people did not decide on. We have a lot in common!

    1. That's true. ^_^ And I love Barcelona, though I was there almost a decade ago. I hope you had an amazing holiday in that city!

  5. So many interesting facts! I wish I could know you in real life! I love literature too and love to write, your green hair looks similar to my current shade! If anyone says they aren't a feminist I get annoyed! Too many people don't understand the need for rights! I love the sound of your themed parties! I have had friends who were double jointed etc. The coolest one was seeing a friend lying on the sofa with his arm behind his head pretty much dislocated! It was freaky and cool! I like people who can do stuff like that!

    1. Ooo! Thank you! ^^* I too wish I could meet you and other interesting and lovely bloggers in real life. :D