Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Mid-Month Status Report: Suits you (Sir)!

The Mid-Month Status Report is here again! Trystan from This is CorpGoth has asked us to show our more official suit jackets. Unfortunately I have not used a suit jacket in ages, partly because the one I am going to show you no longer fits that well and I have not found a jacket that would fit. I would love a suit jacket I could use closed, which is not the case with the one I am showing.

These pictures was taken 2010 by my friend, when we had a little photo shoot. As you can see, that jacket is one of those one can not wear closed, unless one is several inches smaller from chest and waist than what I am in that picture. 

Still it was a nice suit jacket I found from a flea market. It seems to me, that all my favorite clothes are from flea markets, so I guess I should stop even to go to clothing stores.

Now, thanks to this Status Report I really need a new suit jacket! My style has evolved into more casual lately and I would love to wear more office-like clothes.

Thanks for reading and do check other participants too! Just click the Mid-Month Status Report logo in the beginning!


  1. Wow that skirt is amazing. Thats a very cool CorpGoth outfit. Sad that the jacket no longer fits but I'm in the same situation, I have a few jackets but they are too small. The good thing is that you don't have to be able to button your jacket (if it's not too cold)

  2. Ooo, great jacket & I adore the skirt! Perfect CorpGoth combo!

  3. You look really hot in that outfit! Although the blazer does not fully close, it looks like a gothy-professional outfit. I like it very much!