Monday, 3 September 2012

Being open-minded leads to cool purchases.

Today is hopefully my first lesson of the year. I am planning to start to study French, but I was not lucky enough to fit into the group. Unfortunately I do not know what is my position in the queue to the course. Well, it is to be found out in the next hour. I hope somebody will cancel and I get to learn a new language.

I have also one other thing on my mind. I wanted to show my new school bag, which I bought in Warsaw. My hunch says it is for about 10-year-old boys, but I like it. My mini laptop fits in it perfectly!
What can one learn from this? At least to be open-minded about shopping in different sections and not to stare the label of the product.

As I mentioned, I bought a wig to use, since I have dreamed of a black/blue hair but can not keep it up by dyeing. So this is today's style.


  1. I love your new wig; it fits you so well! ^^

    1. Well thank you! :D Many people have been surprised when I tell them it is a wig instead of dyed hair. On the other hand, it is not really the first assumption, that someone is wearing a wig these days.

  2. Ohh, this wig is such a lucky find!

    I've tagged you for obituary challange, check it!